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Simple To Read, & Easy To Use Microsoft Excel Management Reports & Graphs For Quickbooks... Imagine getting all the information you need about your business, in a format you can read...in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee... Sounds impossible? Well we didn’t really like the alternative... Often the best business people are not the best accountants, and unfortunately, often their accountants forget that. So going to the accountant can be a fairly traumatic experience for many business people because a typical encounter goes something like this: Accountant: Congratulations Bob, you had a great year last year. You made $300,000 and you have to pay $90,000 to the Tax Office by next Tuesday. Well done. Bob: But I don’t have $90,000. And how could I have made $300,000? It is not in my bank account - so where is it? Sounds familiar? Well we thought it was about time business owners caught a lucky break... Want To See Where Did The Money Go?TM In Action?  Click on the video link below to see how easy it is to run a “what if?” analysis on your Break Even Point using Where Did The Money Go?TM... Want to see some screen  shots? Made with Xara Web Designer