Made with Xara Web Designer Where Did The Money Go? Try Where Did The Money Go?TM  FREE For 30 Days... What Are You Waiting for? Testimonial “When I first saw this, I would have happily paid $1,000 - simply because Where Did The Money Go would save my bookkeeper 2 days per month - and give me better information about my business.” Brett Gilbertson, Major IT Coming Soon! We have a whole bunch of stuff still to come. Some of the things that we are working on right now are: User Manual. I think that this software is so easy to use that I couldn’t see how anyone could mess using this up. But the programmers have put me in an armlock to get me to do a user manual - because all good software needs a user manual. ETA March 2011 MYOB Version. Apparently in Australia, the main accounting software for small business is MYOB. So depending on how much feedback we get screaming for a MYOB version, we’ll be working on it. So if you are a MYOB user who wants this for your business (and why wouldn’t you?), please drop us a line to let us know at That way we can let you know when we have released it. ETA Mid 2012 Quickbooks International Versions. While we have not tested this software with international versions of Quickbooks, as far as we know, Where Did The Money Go?TM should work with them. If you download it and it does not, please let us know by dropping us a line at our contact page. Deluxe Version. This will be for the kind of spreadsheet gurus who understand things like how to use named ranges in macros. If what I just said was gobbledegook to you, you probably do not want the deluxe version. ETA 2012. Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Business So now that you are getting good information about your business, it will be time to look at what you can do with that information to improve your business. ETA mid 2012