Made with Xara Web Designer Where Did The Money Go? Try Where Did The Money Go?TM  FREE For 30 Days... What Are You Waiting for? Testimonial “When I first saw this, I would have happily paid $1,000 - simply because Where Did The Money Go would save my bookkeeper 2 days per month - and give me better information about my business.” Brett Gilbertson, Major IT I Have Some Questions... Why Do I Need You To Do This For Me? My Team Can Do It All For Me Instead… You are 100% correct. But first they would have to build the models. Then they would have to collect the data. Then they would have to verify that the reports are telling them the truth. Then they would have to build the reports each month. And to put it bluntly, they would have to have the technical understanding to enable them to do it (which many bookkeepers do not).   OR We could do it, and one person in your organisation i.e. you, the business owner/manager spends one hour per month on your accounts. And you and your team spend the rest of the month doing what you do best – running the business. My accountant can do this for me This time you are only 90% correct, because Where Did The Money Go?TM has reports that no-one else has. But let’s assume that your accountant could do it all: if that truly is the case, why aren’t they? Of course, this assumes that your accountant has both the time and the inclination to provide this service for you. But they won’t do it for $198 as a once off, because they do not have the reporting models that allow them to do it. Remember, I used to work for an accounting firm that provided just 10% of these reports, and charged $1200 per month per client!  Of course, we would be happy to charge you that too…if that’s what you want… I don’t think I need this information No-one needs all of this information. For example, unless you are planning to sell off the business, you probably will not focus on your Return on Assets or Return on Equity. But if you are planning to transition out of the business in the next 3-5 years, you need to focus on getting this as high as you can, as soon as you can, to be able to command a premium price for your blood, sweat and tears. On the other hand, you need to know your Break Even Point in days on a monthly basis, and understanding your Cash Gap directly impacts on how much money you choose to keep in the bank to ensure things run smoothly. But you might not have known that – because your accountant never told you. We are constantly coming across business owners who are waiting on their accountants to tell them how to run their businesses better, and accountants who are waiting for their clients to ask the right questions. But the clients don’t know the right questions to ask because the accountant hasn’t told them. So while you think you don’t need this information, we guarantee that at least one report in Where Did The Money Go?TM will help you run your business better tomorrow than you are today. I cannot see the value. You’re kidding me right? $198 to save yourself $14,202? We know accountants who charge $1,200 per month for 1/10th of these reports, we charge just 1.3% of comparable services and give you 10 times as much information. We provide reports that you cannot get anywhere else. No accounting package for Small to Medium Enterprises gives you this information off the shelf. To get it all, you will need to spend at least $10,000 in consulting time for someone to build the reports for you – in addition to the initial software cost and training. We know this because in addition to providing Where Did The Money Go?TM, we also help businesses choose the next level in their business software when they’ve outgrown their current software. Does this mean I have to transfer my accounting across to you? We provide an internal management reporting service. We do not do tax returns. We are not interested in doing tax returns. In fact, we get someone else to do our tax returns. As a result, we are really, really, really good at referring you back to your tax accountant for any tax questions. The same goes for financial planning advice, real estate advice, legal advice, marital counselling, weight management, musical appreciation and film reviews etc. etc. etc. Where Did The Money Go?TM is simply about providing the information that you need, in an effective timeframe, and a format that is clear, so that you can make the best business decisions – when they need to be made. Ok, I am sold, When Can I Start? Is 15 minutes fast enough for you? Download the free trial today, install it, register it, and you can run your first report immediately.
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