Where Did The Money Go? Screenshot Gallery
Made with Xara Web Designer Default Constants Not only does WDTMGO track Quickbooks data, it can track and report on other key business data on a monthly basis such as Actual Number of Enquiries received by the business, and Actual Number of Trading Days that your business had for the month. But that’s not all...WDTMGO can also track and report on 2 other key pieces of information. For nearly every measure or ratio that is tracked/ reported on, you can track a Prudent version and a Goal version. A prudent measure may be a baseline e.g. 45 days for your Accounts Receivable Turnover i.e. the measure at which you must always be within. And then you can track a goal e.g. your aim is to have 14 days Accounts Receivable Turnover. This screen allows you to set a single measure for each constant.