Where Did The Money Go? Screenshot Gallery
Made with Xara Web Designer Where Did The Money Go?TM Finally, an easy to read and understand 1 page answer to the question “if I’ve made that much profit, where is it? Because it is not in my bank account...” This report compares the profit earned for the year to date with the changes in cash balances for the year to date, and reveals the “Cash-Profit Disconnect” amount. This is then broken down into the areas that released cash into the business, and the areas that sucked cash out of the business. A very simple graph which plots the Cash Sucked Out of the business to the left, and the Cash Released to the right, makes the picture crystal clear. For those that love detail, the Details hyperlink will allow you to drill down to an individual account level. The great thing about this report is that it will reduce the business owner/manager’s frustrations in terms of understanding where the money has gone. But beware, it is a two-edged sword... Gone will be the days of the owner looking in the bank account, seeing a bunch of cash, and then purchasing a Mercedes - because you can. The flipside is that it will allow asset purchases and loan reductions to be planned with some precision, and no surprises. Nothing else gives you this kind of dashboard, in a tool and interface you know, with easy to use navigation for just $198.