Where Did The Money Go? Introducing: Where Did The Money Go?TM KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Smartie) Put simply, this tool will suck the data out of your Quickbooks file (MYOB planned late 2010) into a Microsoft Excel set of critical management reports and graphs that will tell you quickly how your business is going. Every month, you can get the information you need, in a format you can read to allow you to make the best business decisions moving forward. Now when I worked at one of the larger accounting firms, we used to provide about 10% of these reports to clients for $1,200 per month!!! Your investment in Where Did The Money Go?TM  is only $198 inc. GST. As a once off. Not $1,200 per month, not even $198 per month. If you never upgrade your Accounting software, $198 is all that you will pay. That is a saving of $14,202 p.a.!!! Of course, if you want to pay us $1,200 per month, we’ll be ok with that…But seriously, if you do not upgrade your Quickbooks/MYOB software, $198 is all you will ever pay. If you do upgrade your software, then you will need to pay $99 per year to ensure Where Did The Money Go is compatible with your newer versions. But FYI, that’s still a saving of $14,301 p.a. Where Did The Money Go?TM produces 50+ critical reports about your business in just 10 minutes... If you are running Quickbooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise, then this is the reporting tool for you. Once installed and set up, you simply open your Quickbooks file, open Where Did The Money Go?TM, choose your reporting date, hit the green “Go” button, and go and make yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea, have a toilet stop, or go and chat up that rather scrumptious hottie in production. Come back in about 10 minutes, and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file will be sitting on your desktop with 50+ reports and graphs explaining your business in technicolour. Seems too simple doesn’t it? But why should it be hard? Why should you have to slave and sweat just to get the critical numbers about your business? You do enough of that over the rest of your business - so why waste energy that you don’t have to? Well, we’ve made it simpler... Try it FREE for 30 days.  And when you’ve decided that you can’t live without it, purchase it. Got to love that KISS principle. Welcome To Every Business Owner’s/Manager’s Nightmare... You have a good product, some great people, and you’ve worked hard to get your business to where it is today. But how is it really going? Can it withstand the storms that come semi-frequently? And would you know how to tell? The Truth Is In the Numbers…But Which Numbers? As the business owner, do you know the following about your business? What is your Cash Gap? What is your Break Even Point? In units sold? In Trading Days? What is your Average $ Sale? What impact is discounting really having on your business? Why is the profit that you have made not in your bank account? If you answered “I don’t know” to any of the above, then, like many business owners/managers, you are making decisions about the long term viability of your business on incomplete data. You Are Not Alone… My name is Richard Blakemore, and I am a Chartered Accountant who has been improving businesses since 1993. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard frustrated business owners ask their accountant the question, “If I have made that much profit, then where’s the money gone?... ...And usually I would watch the accountant try to explain a cash flow statement to the client - while the client’s eyes glazed over. It was all just numbers to them - and none of them seemed to make any sense. The simple truth that I was confronted with was that...  ...the standard annual accounting reports and tax returns do not cut it when it comes to communicating critical information to people about their businesses. It just did not seem fair to me - people are pouring their hearts and souls into their businesses every day - often damaging their own health, the health of their bank balances and their vital relationships in the process. And yet the tools for determining how they are going were so inadequate. So I had to come up with a better way... Try It Free For 30 Days... What Are You Waiting for? Testimonial “When I first saw this, I would have happily paid $1,000 - simply because Where Did The Money Go would save my bookkeeper 2 days per month - and give me better information about my business.” Brett Gilbertson, Major IT
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