Made with Xara Web Designer Where Did The Money Go? Try Where Did The Money Go?TM  FREE For 30 Days... What Are You Waiting for? Testimonial “When I first saw this, I would have happily paid $1,000 - simply because Where Did The Money Go would save my bookkeeper 2 days per month - and give me better information about my business.” Brett Gilbertson, Major IT So What Do I Get? (Exclusive) Where Did The Money Go?TM  - Table, Graph You go to your accountant at the end of the year, and he says “Congratulations, you made $300,000 profit and you have to pay $90,000 in tax next week. It’s been a great year, well done.” But you don’t have $300,000 in your bank account – in fact you don’t have $90,000 in your bank account. So where did the money go? In one page, this report ensures that you will never be ambushed with this question again. We designed this ourselves – so you cannot get this anywhere else. (Exclusive) Number of Sales - Tables, Graphs Knowing your Average $ Sale is critical to your success. If you seem to be working harder but not making any more money, it’s probably because you are writing more invoices, but selling at a lower Average $ Sale. Neither Quickbooks,  MYOB, Cash Flow Manager, Simply Accounting, Moneytree Gold etc. etc. etc.  have a report that does this for you. (Exclusive) Number of Customers - Tables, Graphs Do you know how many new customers you get each month? Do you know how many customers are inactive? This report allows you to quickly see these numbers and then to plan your customer acquisition strategies with certainty. (Exclusive) Profit Driver Analysis - Table, Graphs In every business, there are only 5 factors that determine your profitability: Number Of Enquiries, Conversion Rate From Enquiry To Sale, Average $ Sale, Number Of Sales Per Customer Per Year, And Margins. This report tracks all of them on a monthly basis. (Exclusive) Break Even Point - Table, Graphs If you traded 20 days last month, what day did you stop working for everyone else, and start making profit for yourself? How many days of profit do you have a month? What would it mean to your bank balance and lifestyle if you could increase that by just one day a month? (Exclusive) Top 10s - Tables, Graphs Everyone tells you that 80% of customers give you 20% of your business – but which customers are they? Similarly, 80% of your cash flow can be tied up in 20% of your Accounts Receivable – but is this true in your business? Which supplier relationships do you need to keep rosy because of your exposure to them? If 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your products, which ones are they, and how does that change over time? Detailed Analysis - Tables, Graphs While your Balance Sheet gives you a snap shot of where things are at, and your Profit and Loss Statement gives you a report on the flow of transactions over a period, it is managing the inter-relationships between critical key variables that actually will make a difference to your business. Key variables such as: Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Gearing, Debt Ratio, AR Days, Inventory Days, AP Days, Cash Gap Days, GP%, NP%, Return on Assets, Return on Equity, & Active Customers AP Aging, AR Aging - Tables, Graphs Both MYOB and Quickbooks give you a lovely table to read for each. We give you 2 Graphs for each measure that tell you in a second whether you need to take action or not in these areas. Of course we give you the table as well if you want the detail, but if you just need to know the big pictures quickly, this is for you. Customer Sales by month - Tables, Graphs Find out quickly who buys when. From this you can work out how to smooth things out if you need to, or ask customers to buy more regularly if possible. Item Sales by Month - Tables, Graphs Find out quickly & definitively what sells when. From this you can target different products for different times of the year to smooth out any bumps and lumps. Comparative Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statements - Tables Quickly see how you performed this month against: - Last month - Year To Date - The same month last year - Year To Date for the same month last year Trial Balance - Table Give your accountant the comfort that your books balance. They are really the only ones who use this report.
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